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Fitness Classes - Active Explosive

Fitness Classes

We are passionate about exercise at Active Explosive, and combining it with the beauty of the outdoors is truly the perfect training solution. A solution that will let you forget about your stress for the day, while allowing you to focus on creating a leaner, healthier, fitter you.

Our fitness environment was created to cater for the individual, as well as the whole family! It allows everybody, from you to your husband or wife or kids to push yourselves to ensure maximum benefit. A family friendly environment with ample outdoor space for smaller kids to play while parents enjoy some free time to work out!

Choose the right Fit for YOU

Function Fit

Our years of combined experience in the fitness industry allows us to put together the best fitness exercises and strategies to get you the best results.

FunctionFit is our uniquely designed fitness programme that caters for ALL your fitness needs. From weight loss and toning, to fitness, strength and muscle endurance, making it the perfect overall body training programme!

Set up to cater for beginners, as well as the more fitness advanced men and women, it provides you with a total body workout that keeps you challenged during every single class. Our fitness programmes are split into three categories that make use of bodyweight exercises, high intensity interval training, as well as outdoor based equipment such as tyres, agility ladders, pull-up bars, etc.

The three FunctionFit classes are set up as follows:

  • Function Fit Strength and Body Toning – focuses on building muscle strength, definition and endurance. During these sessions we make use of equipment such as pull-up bars, dumb bell (free weights) tyres, etc.  Doing these Strength Training and Body Toning classes will assist in weight loss.
  • FunctionFit HIIT – focuses on high intensity interval training with bodyweight only exercises. This is ideal for weight loss and all over fitness.
  • FunctionFit Cardio – fast-paced classes that combine running drills with bodyweight exercises. These  sessions are also ideal for weight loss, toning and fitness!

All our training sessions are instructed by qualified and highly skilled instructors that will not only assist you in correctly executing the exercises, but also push you in reaching your fitness goals! So, if a leaner physique, flatter abs, toned arms and better overall fitness is what you’re looking for, then Active Explosive’s FunctionFit is the perfect program for you

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